Character Bios

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Jon Osterman, a.k.a Dr. Manhattan, is the son of a watch-maker who pushed him to study atomic physics (he graduated from Princeton with a Ph.D.) instead of going into the family business. One day in his lab, Osterman acci-dentally got locked inside a test chamber during a nuclear-physics experiment and his atoms were smashed. He was able to reconstruct himself, emerging as Dr. Man-hattan - a blue-skinned superhuman with a quantum consciousness that reveals time, space and matter as they truly are.

Known as a god-like figure, Dr. Manhattan is the only member of the Watchmen with true superhuman powers. He has the ability to slide through time and has a sense of predestination. He knows what will happen in the future, but is incapable of doing anything about it. Because of his incredible abilities, Dr. Manhattan became a government agent alongside The Comedian/ Edward Blake - ending wars and warding off military threats.

Dr. Manhattan was involved with Silk Spectre II/ Laurie Juspeczyk butover time his increasing detachment from humanity causes her to leave him. Soon after, he is ac-cused of spreading cancer among all his closest friends, enemies and colleagues. Fed up with humanity, he flees to Mars to start a new life.

But through Laurie's intervention, Dr. Manhattan returns to Earth to help her, Nite Owl II/ Dan Dreiberg and Rorschach/ Walter Kovacs deal with an impending nuclear war and defeat Ozymandias' warped plan to save the world.